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Region Profile

Region 7 - Heartland Region

From the Rockies in the West across America's Great Plains to the Ozarks in the East, Heartland Region's dozen Local Groups (see the list below) take in all of Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, plus the western portions of Iowa and Missouri. Of all of American Mensa's Regions, Heartland has the sparsest population spread across the largest land area. Nonetheless, we've hosted the Annual Gathering (in Kansas City and in Denver), Mind Games (most recently in Denver), a sporadic set of mini-RGs (North Dakota in August, Central Iowa in October), and a plethora of local events throughout the year. Heartland has consistently been a lead supporter of the Mensa Foundation's Scholarship program, as essay contest judges and as CultureQuest participants.

Chapter Officers

Name Position
Beth Anne Demeter Region Vice Chair
Diana Vogt Regional Ombudsperson
Tim Winkelman Regional Scholarship Chair
Taylor Profita Region YAM Coordinator