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Local Group Profile

Orange County Mensa

Region 9 - Far West Region
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Orange County Mensa (OCM) is one of the largest groups in the U.S. with a full monthly calendar.

Orange County Mensa was first recognized as a Local Group in Aug. 1965, but the group began independent operations on April 1, 1980, a day remembered every year with their anniversary event.

Each Mensa group has its own personality and members of OCM like to think they have a little more fun and are a little friendlier than the next group. This is a local prejudice, no doubt.

Old timers in OCM remember the Great Unicorn Debate against the national champion debate team of Orange Coast College. OCM settled the question "Do unicorns exist?" by producing living proof. Some thought the mythical creature presented by OCM looked like a mule, but owner Bill Harvey wouldn't lie!

Over its history, the group has brought home two national Owl Awards for best newsletter, and has hosted two national Annual Gatherings. Numerous members of the group have served as national and international officers of Mensa. They've had fun through it all.
Founding Date:
August 01 1965

Chapter Officers

Name Position
Bill Shaddle Local Secretary
Valerie Spear Assistant Local Secretary
Gregg Booth Assistant Local Secretary
Angie Mattson Local Membership Officer
Meg Sulzen Local Treasurer
Linda Lester Recording Secretary (Scribe)
Angie Mattson Member-at-Large
Baron Ader Local Ombudsperson
Angie Mattson Newsletter Editor
David Luippold Local Circulation Manager
Christopher Chung Web Contact
Thea Wills-Olsen Proctor
Angie Mattson Proctor
Meg Sulzen Proctor
Steven Farrell Proctor
Angie Mattson Testing Coordinator
F Masek Gifted Youth Coordinator
Veronica Brenner Gifted Youth Parent Volunteer
Robert Savenye Local SIGHT Coordinator
Constance Courage Local Scholarship Chair