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Memphis Mensa

Region 5 - Southeast Region
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Memphis Mensa
Memphis Mensa was chartered in 1971. They celebrated their 25th anniversary the same year that Mensa celebrated its 50th anniversary. There were 11 members in Memphis as the time of the chartering.

In June 1972, Brian C. Moth became the Local Secretary (LocSec), and there were then 25 members. In 1973, our newsletter became the Memphis Newsletter and membership numbers were at 33. In 1975, the name of the newsletter was changed to the Mensapause and the group grew to 74 members.

Sometime during 1976, Mensapause ceased to be published and there is no record of any newsletter again until around March of 1977 when the Memphis Newsletter reappeared, edited by Dr. Dawn Willis. By October 1977, there were 92 members.

In 1978, there were 103 members when Harry Chapman was LocSec and Joe Davis was the editor of the Memphis Newsletter. Sometime in the early 1980s, the name of the newsletter changed to the Memphis Mensa Newsletter... as it remains today.
Founding Date:
August 01 1971

Chapter Officers

Name Position
Doug Van Riper Local Secretary
Harold Smith Assistant Local Secretary
Stephen McKee Member-at-Large
William Hurst Member-at-Large
Stephen McKee Local Treasurer
William Hurst Newsletter Editor
Harold Smith Web Contact
Doug Van Riper Proctor
Vivian Arendall Proctor
David Shiffman Proctor
William Towery Proctor-in-Training
David Shiffman Testing Coordinator
Nancy Campbell Region Vice Chair