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Local Group Profile

Central Texas Mensa

Region 6 - Southwest Region
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The Armadillo Literary Gazette
Central Texas Mensa (formerly Lonestar Mensa; Austin Mensa before that) split off from North Texas Mensa in November 1967, initially having 22 members. The first general meeting was held on January 26, 1968, with an educational consultant who specialized in gifted students as the speaker. The group newsletter was called ":A.M. The Voice of Austin Mensa". In 1974-1975 the newsletter changed names, first to "Aardvark" and then to "The Armadillo Literary Gazette and Southern Intelligencer", which over time has been shortened to "Armadillo Literary Gazette". During the 1980's the group's name was changed to Lonestar Mensa. Speakers at LSM meetings have included Madeline Murray O'Hair, John Henry Faulk, Dr. Hans Mark, and Molly Ivins. Lonestar Mensa held a Mensa Colloquium (titled Science and Society: Our Critical Challenges) in October of 1988, and held its first Regional Gathering in October of 1999.
Founding Date:
November 01 1967

Chapter Officers

Name Position
Edward Gordon Local Secretary
Douglas Williams Assistant Local Secretary
Deidre Brightman Local Membership Officer
Geri Neemidge Member-at-Large
Deidre Brightman Member-at-Large
Douglas Williams Member-at-Large
John Neemidge Member-at-Large
Patricia Capin Member-at-Large
Edward Gordon Member-at-Large
Patsy Graham Member-at-Large
Donald Drumtra Local Ombudsman
Patsy Graham Local Treasurer
John Neemidge Newsletter Editor
John Neemidge Local Circulation Manager
Deidre Brightman Programs Coordinator
Christopher Williams Web Contact
Patsy Graham Proctor
Michael Tolbert Proctor
Linda Streitfeld Proctor
Jari Whiteacre Proctor